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Free drive-in cinema experience for essential workers. Nominate now.

Night Flicks and Vivid Event Production are proud to announce a free drive-in cinema experience in a number of key locations for 100 valued essential workers.

Essential workers have formed a major part of our Covid response. Their efforts have contributed greatly to our strong position globally and the ability to share in experiences such as this drive-in cinema event.

To show our appreciation, we are asking you to put forward your nominations so we can pick 100 workers and a car load of their friends and family to attend our event.

All you need to do is pick an essential worker and enter their name, contact details, and a brief description as to why you are nominating them. We will select 100 workers who can bring their friends and family to our drive-in cinema event.

If selected, each pass will provide a vehicle pass for the nominated worker, they are able to fill each seat of their car with any friends and family they may wish to bring.

We look forward to your nominations.

The Night Flicks team

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