• Matt O'Meeghan

So you want to host an outdoor cinema?

There's nothing better than cosying up under the stars to watch your favorite films in front of a giant movie screen. Hosting your own outdoor cinema doesn't need to be difficult, we have designed a range of packages that suit events large and small. There are a few thins you need to decide when hosting an event, so be sure to check out our check list below: Were? Location is a big part of the outdoor cinema experience, you will want to ensure you have an open space that allows guests to be able to easily see the screen, somewhere that is sheltered from any wind and even better, somewhere with a view. Take into consideration where you will have your guests sitting, soft grassy fields are always the best, however these can be soggy if there has been recent rain. Be sure to check your venue well before an event to make sure it will suit the crowd. When?

Like most outdoor cinemas, we use a projector to produce out image. This means we cant start a movie until it is close to dark. We use a sunset and sunrise table to decide a movie start time. You can find a good one here . That doesnt mean the event has to start then however, you can add a range of pre event attractions such as music and activities while you wait for it to get dark. The Movie If you are hosting a public event, you MUST have a licence to screen the film. This is something we are more than happy to organise for you. We suggest picking a couple of film options which we can get quotes for. For more information on film licences we suggest looking up the MPDA website.

Where do I start? We suggest writing a list with all the details we will need to best start you on the event planning. Below is a number of bullet points to get you started:

-Location(this doesn't have to be a final choice, a couple of options is always great)

-Date (Be sure to include a rain date in case of postponement) -Number of attendees - Movie choice(s)

We are happy to assist you with the event management side of an event as we have plenty of experience. Just get in touch with any question you may have! Have organising! Night Flicks Team

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